Hi! Welcome to Zazi.


This company grew from my love of cooking and also my background in nutrition and holistic healing. Growing up, my family had a garden and I always loved cooking fresh tomatoes, peppers and greens from the garden.


As I studied nutrition and herbs and other healing modalities from around the world, I came to recognize the powerful healing properties of food. As a busy Mom (when my kids were young :) and as a physician, I saw how our lives can be so busy and we sometimes take shortcuts that can affect our health.

Now, studying Ayurveda, I love to think about the guna, or qualities of food. When food is made with love from pure ingredients, it is said to have sattvic, or pure quality that promotes well being and balance. I prepare the spice infused oils in a peaceful environment with your well being in mind.

What's that swirl on the bowl?

Our wonderful artist - Marcia Adams Ho - adapted this from the West African Adinkra symbol for vitality. It is my true wish that our products bring you vitality, health and happiness!


How did we get our name?

Zazi (zah-zee)is a take on the Swahili word mzazi,  which means parent. Being a mom is the most transformative experience I have had in my life. One of my daughters calls me Mzazi and I really love that!

Our mission

Since I was very young, I loved to learn about healing herbs. As I grew up I loved learning about healing traditions around the world. Now, many of these traditions are at risk as shamans and medicine women who carry the knowledge of countless generations - are losing their lands due to environmental changes, land rights and other issues. Modern life has disrupted the apprenticeship and more effort needs to be focused on preserving the knowledge of those who carry ancient knowledge forward for us.  We donate a portion of our proceeds to support organizations who are helping to preserve indigenous cultural knowledge and empower youth by helping them stay connected with our shared ancestral past and create a self-determined future. 


Our products are created with an intention to nourish your health with pure, delicious ingredients prepared with your well-being in mind!


All organic spices

Gluten Free