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Find quote: whether indigenous or non, we are all brothers and sisters (cultural survival, youth page)


We source locally whenever possible, and partner with local organizations to support a stronger community. We donate to Austin market, partner with newer markets. As we grow, we plan to grow our connectoins.


HereA portion of every purchase goes to support youth in connection with their communities, cultural preservation, environmental education, farming. 

Rosita Arvigo's Bush Medicine Camp​






Dr. Rosita Arvigo is a traditional healer, doctor of naprapathy, herbalist, and ethonobotanist who has devoted her life to preserving.....Each year she holds a camp where she takes young people into the forest to teach them about herb identification and preparation. Her intention is to  instruct them in traditional methods that will extend this knowledge into future generations.

Rosita developed an online classroom program to help school kids learn about local useful plants - this is especially critical as the camp is not currently open due to Covid-19.


African Youth Alliance


Based in northern Cameroon, this is the lone organization supporting marginalized young women and girls in this area of social-political unrest.  They receive practical lessons on identifying a good nursery, manure formation, bed formation, nursing of cabbage seeds.

They  develop basic literacy and social entrepreneurship skills, employment as well as other support in improving the quality of their health and their family lives by forming clubs where they can speak freely about the challenges they are facing, embracing indigenous practices for healing from trauma related to war, and learning self-care practices. With the technical assistance from a network of 48 grassroots female volunteers, they have been able to form 20 girls/women clubs across 10 remote villages and reached directly over 2800 rural women and girls. 


Above: Young people learn a local healing practice of spiritual bathing.

Left: Students learn about useful herbs in the nearby Rainforest.

Arvigo camp boys spiritual bathing
Adjusted - AYA women

Left: Women and girls nurture young cabbage plants.

Above: the harvest sustains the community and provides income, while promoting environmental health.