Our Story - pic of me making ghee!

Tend your inner flame.


The ancients saw it as our life force, our ability to transform, to create nourishment, joy and vitality from everythingwe take into our bodies.


We believe that changing the world can start with a simple, small act. 

from ourselves with kindness, to others and planet.

Ayurveda and other ancient healing arts promote love of all, and support of community.

Food is medicine

After years of helping patients with therapeutic diets - trying to recover from effect of additives - excitotoxins, bad fats, and beyone the actyal food - the WAY that we eat.

On the go, standing, walking, driving, large meals late an night.

Certainly, I have lived through what I speak about - working overnight, etc.

It used to be that the more time I spent at work, the less well I took care of myself.

Some life lessons were there.

But, became really improtatn to me to think of ways to make it easier to eat healthy.

Young family tried to introduce ehalthy foods.

Taught health and wellness to grade school - so much enthusiasm! Led to me writing 3 books for young readers

iggh school, youth in arts, always in awe and wanting to support.

So inspired by changes.

Yet the environment is challenging

Communities disrupted

Join me to reclaim the simple act of embracing food as a way to nourish ourselves, our community.

Healing foods help your body to do what it knows how to do.

Though changes in food have thrown us off balance, we can always embrace restorative nutrition including good fats.

Digestive fire

Internal but also cosmic.

Ghee is an ancient way of kindling agni.

Good fats are essential to our ability to metabolize.

Our carefully sourced and crafted spice blends are aromatic and impart beneficial compounds for health.

Icomplementing any dish or vbeverage