Nourishing spices:Tumeric is the ancient golden root that naturally quells inflammation and supports longevity. We simmer it in a pot of locally sourced organic grass-fed butter, along with fragrant black peppercorns for optimal absorption, and ginger to kindle your digestive fire. 

How to use: Try making pan-fried golden toast or adding to warm milk for an antioxidant boost to your day. Use instead of any cooking oil, especially for savory foods, curries, roasting veggies, soups and more.

Allergy information: Ghee is made from a dairy product and while we do strain out all milk solids, this product may have traces of lactose and casein. It is manufactured in a facility that also processes nut and gluten-containing products.)

Golden Tumeric Grassfed Ghee, 8 oz jar

  • 8 oz jar

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